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Engagement tools

Engage (verb, en·gage): to hold the attention of or to induce to participate.

Funjet Vacations wants to make it easy for you to engage with your current and future clients, that's why we create the tools that you'll need from start to finish. From online banners to attract clients to e-postcards to welcome them back, Funjet Vacations has you covered. Plus, we also offer helpful guides to make the booking process simpler for you.

LookBook Issue Two – NOW AVAILABLE

The Funjet Vacations LookBook Issue Two includes relevant revisions such as a destination based layout, exciting imagery of destinations and hotels & resorts, updated hotel grids and maps with pertinent information and Funjet Insider Quick Facts.

As you flip through the pages of the LookBook, you will notice the content and imagery are all crafted to help your customers imagine their vacation possibilities, and furthermore, to urge them to take the next step in turning their vacation dreams into a reality. Here are a few recommendations on how to make the most of this engagement tool:

  • Display the LookBook on tables, on your agents' desks, etc.
  • Use it as an inspiration source for customers who are looking for vacation experiences that align with the featured destinations.
  • Send it with a hand written note as a “thank you for booking with us” gift.
  • Partner with local businesses and put it in their lobbies/waiting rooms. Be sure to attach your business card to the front for easy reference.
  • Use the content to further your own travel knowledge, which you can then pass on to your customers.

For instructions on how to order, click here. In addition to the print version, LookBook Issue Two is available digitally here and as a customizable PDF via Creative Connection.
Minimum order: 1 box
Maximum order: 4 boxes
1 box = 25 books

Creative Connection

Creative Connection is a revolutionary, cloud-based library that allows you to customize and personalize professional-looking vacation engagement tools. You'll be able to access customizable flyers, images, and other templates to engage directly with your clients without having to go through your Local Business Development Manager. You'll also be able to add your logo to each template with your own call of action to many of the pieces. Access social banners, e-postcards, Go Funjet banners and more. Enter through VAX here.

Sales Email Tool - Learn More

Here & Beyond - A new issue of Here & Beyond Magazine is now available. Contact your BDM if you'd like a print copy. We also invite you to leverage valuable travel industry tips & trends provided on our digital platform: Post on social media to further engage with your clients. Articles will be updated on a regular basis.

COOP Engagement Request Forms

If what you're looking for cannot be found in our engagement suite, please submit one of the below requests:

COOP Engagement Tools

If you are our COOP partner, review below:

Informational Flyers - Download and print these flyers to have better Funjet product knowledge.

Pricing Tools - Open Excel File and filter to the pricing for your market, destinations, hotels dates and more.

Weekly Pricing Grid -
Excel | Adobe

  • Learn how to filter Pricing Grid by origin and destination – Click Here

Group Engagement Tools - Weddings and Group Travel are easier to promote now with flyers and custom event pages available to focus your message to this niche.

COOP Engagement Tools -

Modifiable Flyers and Ads:

Add pricing and your agency information to these modifiable flyers. Choose from flyers by destination or create your own, the choice is yours.

Enter Creative Connection here